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Cowboy clinics are making savings by using illegal Chinese lasers.
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Burns and side effects from laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation

Redness of the skin is the most common side effect which can last for a day or two.
Slight blistering can occur but is rare and clears up within a few days.
Hyper pigmentation (increased skin colour) A darkening of the treated area which is more likely if you already have tanned or dark skin. Normally easily treated.

Hypo pigmentation (decreased skin colour) The opposite of hyper pigmentation, lightening the skin. Normally only a temporary side effect.
Infection is rare in a professional clinic.

Burns, scarring and blindness. Is much more likely if the laser operator isn't fully trained or unsafe equipment is used.  Contact us at office@whichlaserclinic.com for specific advice to help your case. Everyones skin is different and a pre-treatment patch test is used to check that the right laser and settings are used to offset any side effects, such as burns, during treatment. A full medical history should be taken prior to any treatment being offered to exclude any problems.

Looking for a safe laser clinic?

Looking for a safe local aesthetic clinic offering non surgical treatments such as laser hair removal used to be easy as they were all regulated by law. Since October 2010 the industry has been deregulated and it is very difficult for people looking for aesthetic treatments to find a clinic which is professional and safe.


Approved laser hair removal clinicTake time to find the most professional clinic. Clinics who still prioritise safety are more likely to be fully trained and have relevent experience. To give you maximum value per treatment your laser clinician will be using the highest safe energy level (fluence) to the treatment area after assessing your hair and skin type. For example if you have fair skin fluencies can be used from 25 to 40 J/cm² for darker skin types 10 to 20 J/cm². A cowboy clinic will be more likely to treat everyone at the same low level. They may not burn anyone but neither will they stand much chance of providing good long term hair removal results once you have visited them for the usual 6 to 8 treatments at great cost.

WhichLaserClinic.com was the first registry since deregulation to check clinics met safety criteria through independent safety experts, Laser Protection Advisor (LPA), and awarded a certificate to all clinics who passed and were listed. Since the start of 2015 we have stopped this requirement and are opening registration to all laser and IPL clinics. The reason for this was that there were too few checked clinics to provide a nationwide service on our site.

Laser cost comparison

During these credit crunch times, spending £945 on a beauty treatment may seem hard to justify. However, at Cynosure we’ve done the maths for you – by committing to laser hair removal you could be saving yourself at least £2900.

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