Permanent Hair Removal

Permanent hair removal is defined as an absolute lack of hair for the lifetime of the client in any treated area. The nearest to permanent hair removal is achieved by electrolysis where a needle is inserted into the hair follicle and using electricity to destroy the follicle. Even though electrolysis is permanent, very few people would consider it as a viable option except for the treatment of unpigmented hair ie. white or grey.

Laser and IPL treatments do lead to a significant reduction and can achieve permanent hair removal for most people, however, using the term 'Permanent Hair Removal' for any treatment other than electrolysis will lead to prosecution by the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) as laser and IPL treatments cannot be guaranteed to provide permanent results for everyone treated.


To provide a lasting reduction in hair will take repeated sessions depending on the area and hair growth characteristics and type of laser used. Operators agree that efficiency of treatment is improved when repetitive treatments are given. Our experience is that it would be wise to budget for 6 treatments after which some patients especially those with PCOS require additional maintenance treatments.


You will only find out if a laser clinic has performed well after being treated on multiple occasions and investing lots of money, we would therefore recommend taking extreme care when initially choosing a laser clinic and if they promise permanent hair removal, run!!

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